Internal Oak Cheshire Door & Handle Pack Offer

Only £117 inc VAT.

Various door sizes, 12 handle options, hinges, and a latch.

Mix ‘N’ Match Silicone Offer (12 bottles)

£43.20 inc vat

Choice of clear, white, grey, brown or black – 310ml

Caulk Gun Offer 1

£15 inc vat

Concept Professional Caulk Gun (Black) & 3 Bottles Saves Nails Solvent Free 300ml

Caulk Gun Offer 2

£15 inc vat

Concept Professional Caulk Gun (Black) & 3 Bottles One Hour Caulk White

Metal Expanding Foam Gun Offer

£ 21.60 inc vat

Includes: 1no. Metal Foam Gun, 1no. Expanding Foam, 1no. Gun Cleaner

DIY Set Offer

£ 23.40 inc vat

Consists of: 1no. Pozi Screwdriver, 1no. Slotted Screwdriver, 1no. Retractable Trim Knife, 1no. 16oz Claw Hammer, 1no. Tape Measure, 1no. Bahco Prize Cut Saw

Screw Offer

£12.30 inc vat

Includes 5 boxes of screws. Sizes 5×80 4×50 4×40 4×30 4×25

Vision Composite Deck Board Offer

£ 20.22 per length inc vat

Board Size 22mm x 145mm. Board Length 3.6m Available in Seal Grey and Oyster Beige