Solid Worktops That Will Modernise Your Kitchen

Kitchen Worktop Ideas

Solid Worktops That Will Modernise Your Kitchen

A kitchen makeover is an easy way to completely revitalise an important area of your home, and by fitting new solid worktops, you can transform the feel of your whole kitchen, even on a restricted budget.

Stone, wood, and formica worktops are just a couple of the options to choose from, but knowing the pros and cons of each is crucial in making the most suitable choice for your home and family. Here are a few attractive, cheap, and practical worktop ideas for you to consider…

Composite Stone Worktops

Composite stone worktops are made up of quartz bound in resin, and they are an attractive, low cost alternative to expensive granite. The material is non-porous, heat resistant, stain proof and available in a wide variety of stone colours and styles, many of which are designed to look like high quality stones such as marble. However, for a seamless end finish with no obvious joints, composite stone must be professionally installed to a high standard. It is also important to note that this material is very heavy, so structurally strong cabinets are needed in order to support it.

Formica Worktops

Formica worktops are less expensive than any other alternative solid worktops. The laminate material is stain resistant, easy to clean and hygienic. It comes in huge variety of textures, colours and patterns, and it can even be designed to look like wood or marble. An additional benefit of Formica worktops is that they are very easy to cut, making them an achievable DIY project.

Stainless Steel Worktops

Stainless steel is a popular choice amongst chefs, and for good reason. The metal is not only cheap to fit, it is also incredibly durable, hygienic, and heat resistant. It comes in matt finishes to highly polished. While such a striking appearance is not right for everybody, stainless steel solid worktops are certain to create a streamlined professional look in any domestic kitchen. Though durable to heat and scuffs, the material will mark if cut.

Wood Worktops

For a traditional and homely kitchen appearance, wood is an unrivalled option. The material is easy to fit, relatively cheap, and very easy to repair. You can choose between a versatile range of woods, from dark black walnut to pale beech, making it a great match in almost any kitchen design. However, wood is susceptible to scratch and score marks and may be prone to black rot marks if fitted next to a sink.

Whether you are planning to sell your house or you just want an updated kitchen look, having an attractively designed kitchen is crucial to the overall feel and value of your home.
Taking time to carefully consider whether composite stone, stainless steel, wood, or Formica worktops are right for you is well worthwhile, as solid worktops are a great way to revolutionise your kitchen interior for just a fraction of the price of a full kitchen refit.