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The Benefits Of Using Decorative UPVC Cladding As Bathroom Paneling
If you recently embarked on a bathroom remodelling project and want to replace the tiles, wallpaper or simple paint and apply bathroom paneling, you have every reason to select decorative UPVC cladding as your preferred material. Just like the name suggests, decorative UPVC panels will certainly give your interior an all new overwhelming look; the material comes in several designs which gives you the allowance to achieve custom appearance at affordable rates. Just to give you an insight into what you would miss if you failed to consider the material, below are some of the lucrative benefits offered by decorative UPVC cladding.

Easy Installation

Unlike other materials, you will learn that decorative UPVC cladding does not require painting or any other treatment after installation. Everything is taken care of during manufacture including the lucrative finish. All you need to do is pin the panels down on your walls just like you would do with wallpaper. To suit your preferences, the material can be cut into different shapes which make it easy to install around corners and appliances. Overall, easy installation helps you save on both time and money.


One of the properties which make UPVC a popular construction material is its impermeability to water. Its hard outer surface will not only improve the aesthetic value of your bathroom’s interior but also save you the pain of having to repair or replace your bathroom paneling just after a short period of time. Its impermeability to water prevents the growth of mold on your wall; actually, this is one of the reasons why the material is recommended for places such as hospitals, restaurants and schools which have high hygiene requirements.

Minimal Maintenance

Decorative UPVC cladding will always come with a smooth outer surface which makes it hard for it to accumulate dust and other particles which might in turn ruin its appearance. The bathroom paneling material is also resilient to scratches and will therefore maintain its original new look. Additionally, it does not get affected by UV light which is the reason why most of the other materials fade in colour. All you need to do is clean the walls with a mild detergent after a considerably long period of time to rejuvenate its glitter. Since the bathroom paneling materials comes in sheets, you will never need to seal or repaint irrespective of how much you use the bathroom.

Aesthetic Value

When it comes to the appearance and beauty of your interior, decorative UPVC cladding give you an allowance to select from several designs depending on your preference. You can go for the plain designs which only have a single colour painted on their surface. Alternatively, you can select those panels which incorporate various patterns which include diamonds, floral patterns, leaves and many more. It all depends on what you would like to see each time you go to the bathroom. Besides, manufacturers have patterns to suit everyone’s preferences. For instance, if you have a separate bathroom for your children, it wouldn’t be hard to pinpoint a design or pattern which would certainly make them want to spend more time in it.
Overall, decorative UPVC cladding would be the best option for people who need attractive, long lasting and durable bathroom paneling. Even with all the benefits highlighted above, its one of the cheapest and most affordable cladding materials in the market today.