The Benefits Of Using Decorative UPVC Cladding As Bathroom Panelling

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If you have recently embarked on a bathroom remodelling project and want to replace your old tiles, wallpaper or simple paint, have you considered using decorative uPVC cladding?


Just as the name suggests, decorative UPVC panels will be sure to give your bathroom interior a whole new look. The material comes in a range of different designs, giving you the opportunity to achieve a custom appearance at an affordable price.


To give you an insight into this fantastic option for bathroom panelling, checkout the benefits for using decorative uPVC cladding.

Easy Installation


Unlike many other materials, you will learn that decorative uPVC cladding does not require painting or any other kind of treatment after installing them in your bathroom. Everything is taken care of during manufacture, including the lucrative finish.


The only thing you have to do to apply this bathroom panelling is to pin the panels down on your walls, like you would do with wallpaper. To best suit your bathroom needs, the material can be cut into different shapes which makes it easy to install around corners and appliances.


As far as installation goes, there’s no need for grout as panels overlap using a tongue and groove effect, making for much easier installation. Panels can also be fixed directly over existing ceramic tiles which can reduce the preparation time and require no special skills or tools.


Overall, the easy installation of uPVC panels will not only save you time but also money. How can you argue with that?


Another benefit of using uPVC cladding as bathroom panelling is the durability.


One of the properties that makes uPVC a popular construction material is its impermeability to water. It’s hard outer surface will not only improve the aesthetic value of your bathroom interior, but it will also save you having to repair or replace your bathroom panelling after a short period of time.


uPVC panels are made from a rigid and strong material, making them not only ideal for homes but also for commercial properties. Not only that, but we offer a 10 year guarantee on all of our uPVC products.


As we all know, bathrooms can easily become unhygienic due to the nature of the room. Painted walls or tiles make it easier for mould and dirt to move in and start living rent free in your bathroom.


uPVC cladding’s impermeability to water prevents the growth of mould on the wall and is one of the many reasons why the material is recommended for places such as hospitals, restaurants and schools that have high hygiene requirements.

Minimal Maintenance

Decorative uPVC cladding will always come with a smooth outer surface, making it hard for it to accumulate dust and other particles that might ruin its appearance.


The panelling material is resilient to scratches and not affected by UV light ensuring that it will maintain its original beautiful look.

All you need to do is clean the bathroom panelling with a mild detergent to rejuvenate its glitter. Since the bathroom panelling comes in sheets, you will never need to seal or repaint the panels, irrespective of how much you use the bathroom.

Aesthetic Value

When it comes to the appearance of your bathroom, decorative UPVC cladding gives you the chance to choose from a selection of designs to best suit your preferences.


For a simple look, you can opt for the plain designs that only have a single colour painted onto the surface. If you wanted to go for something a little different, you can select panels that incorporate various patterns including diamonds, floral patterns, leaves and much more.

Overall, decorative UPVC cladding is the ideal option for anyone who looking for aesthetically pleasing, long lasting and durable bathroom panelling.